Cultural events in the village of Poulithron - Summer 2024

The Municipality of South Kynouria recently announced the programme of cultural activities for the summer, throughout its region. For the Local Community of Poulithra, we have the following events:

25/7: Shadow Theatre performance by the Karagiozo player Dimitris Tokas (with ticket)
2/8: Striglets (puppet theatre)
12/8: Children's film
18/8: Full Moon Celebration with Bithikotsis
19/8: Adult film

Stay tuned for details about the performances and films, changes that may occur as well as additional activities that will be implemented by the Association.

Beach cleaning: Mission accomplished!

The Cultural & Recreational Association of Poulithriots "Polihni", would like to thank the members and friends of the Association who responded to the call and participated voluntarily in the action of voluntary cleaning of the beaches of the Municipality of Poulithra, the access path to the chapel of Ai-Giorgis and the road Poulithra-Plaka.
The garbage collected is less than in other years, with most of it being collected from the Plaka - Pulithra road (passing vehicles).
Thank you again and we hope that one day we will not have to implement this action.

Come and clean the beaches of Poulithra together

For the 6th consecutive year, the Cultural & Recreational Association of the "Polichni", invites its members and friends, young and old, to participate in the voluntary action of cleaning the beaches of the Local Community of Pouliithra.

And this summer, we are enjoying our clean seas and expressing our sensitivity for the environment with a symbolic cleaning. If you are bothered by the sight of litter washed up by the waves or left behind on beaches and streets, then take matters into your own hands! Come with your smile and your mood and help to establish this action as an institution.

The areas to be cleaned are: the beaches inside and outside the settlement, as well as the road Poulithra - Plaka.

We are waiting for you all, the Wednesday 12 June 2023 and time 18:00 at Café Romanza (Ioannis Kekes), on the beach of Poulithron.

!  In case of rain, the action will be postponed and will be implemented after a new announcement

Cutting of the New Year's cake of the Association "Polihni"

The Cultural & Recreational Association of Poulithriots "Polihni", on February 4th, cut its New Year's cake, together with its members and friends, at the "Café of Joy" (Haroula Orfanou) in Poulithra.


The turnout was unique, as well as the elected officials who honored the event with their presence and gave us the opportunity to have an open discussion of ideas and plans for the new year.


Many thanks to the friends and members of the Association, the Mayor, the representatives of the Board and the Local Council for their presence!


Happy New Year, health to all and a creative year for the Association!



Calendar 2024

The Association, in cooperation with the shelf-dead design (Nearchos Daskas) and the Dina Virgiliou, has created a calendar for 2024 to support it financially.

The calendar is already available for anyone who wants to buy it in printed form, for the amount of 8€. It can also be downloaded free of charge in electronic format (pdf), here.

Interested parties can contact the following members, depending on their region:

Costas Orphanos, tel.: 6972480119 (Arcadia)
Nikos Rozos, tel.: 6934308841 (Attica)

Cutting of the New Year's cake of the Association "Polihni"

The Cultural and Recreational Association of Poulithriots "Polihni", invites its members and friends on February 4 at 18:00, to attend the "Café of Joy" (Haroula Orfanou) in Poulithra, for the cutting of the New Year's cake.


Our Association will offer a treat (coffee) and a small gift for the winner of the annual cake.


In order to support the Association financially, we have published in collaboration with polkadot design (Nearchos Daskas) a calendar for 2024, which is already available for anyone who wants to buy it.


We are waiting for you to exchange wishes and ideas. Your presence will be a great honour and pleasure for us.


From the Board of the Association

The new Board of Directors of the Association for the years 2024-2026

On Sunday, December 17, between 11:00-13:00, the elections of the Association for the election of the new Board of Directors took place and a meeting was held after the election to form the Board.

40 members in good standing participated in the election process, out of a total of 69 registered members of the Association.

The ballots were counted and the following were elected in order of majority:

1) Panagiota Keke of Konstantinos, received 15 votes
2) Konstantinos Orfanos of Nikolaos, received 14 votes
3) Panagiotis Georgostathis of George, received 14 votes
4) Konstantinos Cheliotis of Kosmas, received 12 votes
5) Stamatis Chronis of Ioannis, received 9 votes
6) Nikolaos Rozos of Konstantinos, received 7 votes
7) Georgios Kompogeorgas of Sotirios, received 3 votes

1) Mary Mitsinikou of Athanasios, received 2 votes
2) Efi Alexandraki of Achilles, received 2 votes
3) Kostas Orfanos of George, received 2 votes

After the completion of the voting process, the new Board of Directors met after its election, with the only issue being the constitution of the Board of Directors. After a secret ballot, the following result was obtained:

  • President: Panagiotis Georgostathis of George
  • Vice President: Konstantinos Orfanos of Nikolaos
  • Secretary General: Panagiota Keke of Konstantinos
  • Special Secretary: Konstantinos Cheliotis of Kosmas
  • Treasurer: Georgios Kompogeorgas of Sotiriou
  • Member: Stamatis Chronis of Ioannis
  • Member: Nikolaos Rozos of Konstantinos

On Sunday 17 December the elections of the Association for the election of the new Board of Directors

On Sunday 17 December, the elections of the Association will be held for the election of the new Board of Directors.

The registered members of the Association are requested to attend at the polisiko area of the Municipality of Poulithron (old Kindergarten of Poulithron) during the hours 11:00-14:00.

The election of the Election Committee for the conduct of the elections took place at the General Assembly of Sunday, December 3, 2023.

The presence of all members is necessary!

Invitation of the members of the Association to the annual General Assembly and the election of the election committee

The Board of Directors of the Association, following a unanimous decision, invites all its members to the annual General Assembly that will take place on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 11:00 a.m., at the political area of the Municipality of Poulithron (old Kindergarten of Poulithron).

At the General Assembly, apart from the open discussion about the future and existing actions of the Association, problems, etc., the financial settlement of existing members and the registration of new members (renewal of subscriptions) will take place and a secret ballot will follow for the election of the Election Committee, which will hold the elections for the new Board of Directors of the Association.

Please note that after the end of the General Assembly it will not be possible to register new members until the completion of the elections and the constitution of the new Board.

The presence of everyone is necessary!


The 1st "Road of South Kynouria" is organized by the Association of Long Distance Races "The Immortals" with the support of the districts of Kosmas, Pele and Poulithra, the Cultural Associations of Kosmas, Poulithra and Pele, under the auspices of the Municipality of South Kynouria and DIKENK.

The sporting event will be held in Saturday 25 November at 10:00 am and the start will be given from the central square of Kosmas Arkadia.
The participants will travel 51 km on an asphalt route to finish in the square of Peletes.

Interested parties can register and receive more information about the sporting event via the following link

Registration will remain open until Tuesday 21 November (12:00 pm), and no registrations will be accepted on the day of the race.


The whole race is held on an asphalt track! The kilometers of the race from the start in Kosmas, Arcadia, to the finish in Peleta, Arcadia, is 51 kilometers! The paradox of this ultra-distance race, something that does not happen with any other race in our country, even though the race is point to point, is that from the start of the race in Kosmas, the village of the finish - that is, Peleta - is visible, since both communities are essentially on the same plateau, just to get from one community to the other, we chose the most distant route!

The race will start at 10.00 in the morning from the village of Kosmas Arcadia!

Basically, it is a race that has a big downhill at the beginning, then it straightens out, and ends with an uphill and a little straightening!One can liken the terrain of the race as an upside down "P"!

The route you will take is as follows:

  • Kosmas of Arcadia
  • Monastery of Panagia Elonis
  • Leonidio Arkadia
  • Plaka Arcadia
  • Poulithra Arkadia
  • Pyrgoudi Arkadia (Tsumos)
  • Peleta Arkadia

The first 21km, if you exclude the first 700m, until you leave the Community of Kosmas, is basically a long downhill! After 21km.the road essentially levels out with small uphill sections! After the 30th km. where you meet the beautiful Leonidio - the capital of Tsakonia, up to the 37th km. the route basically becomes a straightening!

From the 37th km. i.e. from Poulithra Arcadia, up to the 39th km. there is a long and prolonged 2 km uphill, until you exit Poulithra Arcadia! From the 39th km. where you start to climb the mountain up to the 45,5 km. the uphill continues but it will be much more gentle and heavy! From the 45,5o km. until the finish, at 51o km., we are basically talking about straight terrain with some small occasional minor hills of minor importance! The finish line is in the beautiful community of Peleta, right on the square, where you are invited to arrive by 17.45 in the afternoon of 25 November.

As you have seen in the moto of the race "full of contrasts" the route will compensate you with its constant changes in landscape! Basically in the first 7km. you run through the fir trees, and then after you go downhill to Panagia Elona at about the 14th km, from that point and up to the 28th km you run through the infinitely beautiful gorge of Leonidi! At the 28th kilometer you will enter the picturesque Leonidio, and after you reach its harbor, the Plaka Leonidio, you will run next to the sea, for about 3 kilometers! Once you exit Poulithra after the 39th km, and start climbing the mountain, you will constantly face the Myrtoo Sea, and across the sea you will see the islands of Spetses and Hydra! When you climb the mountain at 45,5O km. in Pyrgoudi, it is worth taking a few minutes to admire the view that will make up for it!!!! The last five and a half kilometres are carried out on the plateau of South Parnonas, with the mountains on the horizon to enchant you and take you on a journey! The last 500 meters or so are carried out in the community of Peleta, where you will finish on the square - catalytic finish time 17.45!


The whole route will be marked with yellow arrows and X's where necessary!

Also every 5 kilometers there will be a mileage indicator, and wherever else the organization deems appropriate!


There will be 11 refueling stations on the route, with their respective feeds!

These will be:

6,6 km before the downhill to Elona (water)
13,7 km - Junction of I.M. Eloni (water, coca cola)
18,5 km - Spring under the Monastery of Eloni (water, coca cola, isotonic, potato chips)
24 km - Unmanned station (water)
27 km - Kiosk outside Leonidio (water, coca cola, isotonic, chips, pastries)
29,5 km - LEONIDIO (Culture Factory) - (water, coca cola, isotonic, chips, pastries, pastries, ZYMARIKA)
35 km - Outside Plaka (Wooden kiosk) - (water, coca cola, isotonic, chips, sweets)
37 km - Poulithra (ROMANZA CAFE) - (water, coca cola, isotonic, potato chips, sweets, EKMEK of Mrs. Chrysoula)
40,5 km - Outside of Poulithra (Anifores) - (water, coca cola, isotonic, chips, sweets)
45,5 km - Pyrgoudi - (water, coca cola, isotonic, chips, pastries)
48 km - Petrini Vrisi (Dihala to Peleta) - (water, coca cola)


You will be able to leave drop bags at the race secretariat before the start in order to find them at the stations of your choice!

The stations you will be able to leave are 4:

At the 3rd station at 18,5 km.
At the 6th station at 29,5 km (Leonidio)
At the 8th station at 37 km (Poulithra)
At the 10th station at 45,5 km (Pyrgoudi)
Anything you leave at stations of the race, will be returned to you after the finish of all athletes and after the vehicle - sweeper of the race has come to Peleta.


The limit of the race is 7 hours and 45 minutes - until 17.45

The exclusion points are as follows:

18,5 km - PLEASE BE UP WITHIN 2 hours & a quarter - by 12.15
29,5 km (LEONIDIO) - PLEASE BE THERE WITHIN 3 hours & 45' - by 13.45
37 km (Poulithra) - PLEASE BE THERE WITHIN 5 hours - by 15.00
45,5 km - Pyrgoudi (end of uphill) - PLEASE BE THERE WITHIN 6 ½ hours - by 16.30

All those who participate will receive a bag with local products, both at the start of the race in KOSMA and at the finish in PELETA!

Also those who participate will receive a commemorative dry fit T-shirt of the race, as well as a backpack! They will also receive a commemorative RECORD!!!!

All finishers will receive the race medal!
Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 men and the first 3 women, if the number of participating athletes reaches 60!!!! If they exceed this number, then the first 6 men and the first 3 women will be awarded!


There are the following 3 different race cost packages:

1) 50,00 euro if you use your own vehicle throughout the event

2) 60,00 euros in case you wish to return to the start of the race in Kosmas of Arcadia where you will have left your vehicle - departure from Peleta at 19.00

3) 70,00 euros if you wish to use the coach of the race organization from Athens (details for the excursion are listed below)!

Whichever of the 3 packages you choose, you are invited to make a deposit to our PIRAEUS BANK account by Wednesday 22/11/2023, in order for your participation to be considered valid (BANK CHARGES ARE CHARGED TO THE DEPOSITOR, SO PLEASE PUT YOURSELF IN THE APPROPRIATE FIELD WHEN, DURING YOUR INTERBANK TRANSACTION, YOU ARE ASKED WHO BEARS THE BANK CHARGES).

PIRAEUS Bank account number: 50 7306 3798 547
IBAN: GR 0801 7207 3000 5073 0637 98 547
Name of the beneficiary: GORANITIS PAYLOS where please indicate your name on the deposit slip or present the amount in question, at the OLYMPUS Sports Trophies Shop, located at 124 Alexandrou Papanastasiou Avenue, PIRAEUS, from 09.00 - 17.00 every day, except Saturday and Sunday (tel. 215 5408840).


In order to register, you can use the following link:
up to and including Tuesday 21/11/2023 at 12:00 noon! Registrations on the day of the race will not be accepted!


Those who have a Half Marathon under 2 ½ hours and of course finishes within the time limit of the organizers in longer races, the Half Marathon, can participate normally! You are also required to have had recent medical examinations and be in good health


The secretariat of the race will be open at the building of the Local Community of Kosmas, on the square of Kosmas - next to the tavern "THE NAVARCHOS", on the following days and hours:

Friday 24/11 from 18.00 - 21.00
Saturday 25/11 from 07.30 - 09.45


There will be an organized same-day excursion from Athens! This excursion will take place on Saturday 25/11/2023, with a departure time of 4.30 am!

The departure will take place from Metaxourgiou Square (in front of the STANLEY Hotel)

The return will take place on the same day at 18.30 from the Local Community of Peletes and after the athletes' awards! For the total cost of the excursion and the race, we have reported extensively above


The awards ceremony for the winners of the race will take place after the finish of all athletes, at about 18.00 on the same day!


You will be able to have a companion with their own vehicle, at no extra cost! Your escorts are asked to be in accordance with the organisers' instructions and to recognise the race rules! These are:

  • Not to accompany their athlete during the running
  • The chaperone will be able to wait for the athlete he/she is accompanying at any station of the race, in order to support him/her or help him/her to refuel.
  • Obviously it is forbidden to transport during the race, athlete, from a vehicle that accompanies him! In case this happens and is noticed, the athlete will be cancelled from the race!
  • It is forbidden to park the vehicle of a supporting athlete, at any point other than the stations of the race, UNLESS there is a GREAT NEED, e.g. a toulet or illness!


The organization is not involved with your accommodation, however we can recommend accommodation for you to stay, either on the eve of the race, in Kosmas of Arcadia, or after the race in Peleta of Arcadia, depending on your mood! Obviously you could choose to stay either in Kosmas, or in Peleta for both days, depending on your mood, but obviously you must have your own vehicle!

Accommodation in Kosmas:

  • OURANOGEITON, tel. Contact: 698 836 4221
  • XENONAS LAMBRU, tel. Contact: 27570 31370
  • MALEATIS APOLLOON, tel. Contact: 27570 31494
  • XENONAS DORA, tel. Contact: 27570 31376
  • XENONAS SELINONTAS, tel. Contact: 697 900 1030
  • KOSMAS STUDIOS, tel. Contact: 27570 31483

Accommodation in Peleta:

  • ARCHONTIKO, tel. Contact: 6974282764
  • Camara, tel. Contact: 6907849931
  • Angie's Stone House, tel. Contact: 6944589721
  • Stone House - Athena, tel. Contact: 6974523307
  • Guesthouse Zavalis: 6932436476
  • Ghis House: 27570 31232
  • MYRTILO: 6944795779

As far as your catering is concerned, during your stay, there are several restaurants and cafes, both in Kosmas and in Peleta, where you are invited to discover them!


For any information, please contact the Technical Director of the race Mr. Pavlos Goranitis at the following phone numbers: 6955985506/ 6936853165 or email: