Come and clean the beaches of Poulithra together

For the 6th consecutive year, the Cultural & Recreational Association of the "Polichni", invites its members and friends, young and old, to participate in the voluntary action of cleaning the beaches of the Local Community of Pouliithra.

And this summer, we are enjoying our clean seas and expressing our sensitivity for the environment with a symbolic cleaning. If you are bothered by the sight of litter washed up by the waves or left behind on beaches and streets, then take matters into your own hands! Come with your smile and your mood and help to establish this action as an institution.

The areas to be cleaned are: the beaches inside and outside the settlement, as well as the road Poulithra - Plaka.

We are waiting for you all, the Wednesday 12 June 2023 and time 18:00 at Café Romanza (Ioannis Kekes), on the beach of Poulithron.

!  In case of rain, the action will be postponed and will be implemented after a new announcement