Beach cleaning mission...accomplished!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Cultural and Recreational Association of Poulithriots "The Polichni", we would like to thank all our big and small friends who responded to the call for the cleaning of the beaches of the village of Poulithron. In fact, the participation was so great (37 people) that the original cleaning plan was extended to other areas, such as the Plaka-Anavoli road, the port of Poulithra (cleaning the bottom) and the completion of the grass cutting on the road Poulithra-Agios Georgios.

We hope that this action, apart from the cleaning of the beaches and our village, will contribute to the environmental awareness of the residents of the Municipality and visitors, so that year after year, such actions become less necessary. After all, the protection of the natural environment is everyone's responsibility!

Thank you again and we renew our appointment for next year!

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