Cave "Mana"

See or download the file with the description of the exploration of the cave by Greek and French speleologists in 1975.

The cave "Mana" is located in the middle of the settlement of Poulithra in Arcadia. It is a horizontal cave ~1.5km long, without any particular difficulties, flooded with water and precipitation at one point inside. The water, which until recently covered the water supply needs of the Municipality of Poulithron, although it comes from the mountain, does not have a low temperature. The cave stops for the cavers, in siphon.

Only speleologists have access to the cave "Mana". The penetration in the first part reaches up to 200m, the movement is in the water, then the water joins the roof and the passage slopes down. Special equipment and appropriate training is needed to pass the passage. After the passage, the cave continues for another kilometer to the lake that cave divers occasionally try to explore for any continuation of the underground passage.

A plan of the cave can be seen in the following drawing:

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