Who we are

In 2018, a group of residents of the Local Community of Poulithra took the initiative to create an association, with the aim of contributing to the cultural development of the community and the beautification of the area, through collective actions, cooperation and social solidarity.

Thus, by Order No. 2/2018_37-07-2018 of the Justice of the Peace Court of Astros, the CULTURAL AND LANDSCAPING ASSOCIATION OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY OF POLYTHRIOTES "THE ΠΟΛΙΧΝΗ", which has as its primary objectives:

  • The upgrading of the quality of life of the residents of the village of Poulithron
  • The promotion and preservation of the history and cultural heritage of the region
  • The preservation of the natural environment and the development of ecological awareness among the residents of Poulithra.
  • The implementation of public benefit, landscaping, development, cultural, educational, recreational and sporting events and projects aimed at upgrading and promoting the local community of Poulithra.

At the moment, the Association has about 40 members, which is growing over time. We therefore invite every resident of the Municipality of Poulithra (who lives or comes from Poulithra), every owner of a house in Poulithra or every professional who is active professionally and whose business is located and operates in Poulithra, to register in our association and actively contribute to the achievement of the above objectives.

We love our place and we want the best for it, because Poulithra, apart from being a wonderful place to live, is also a wonderful place to visit!