Water mill

The cave "Mana", which until recently covered the water supply needs of the village of Poulithron, also supplied water to the water mill of the village, which is located in the middle of the village, on the road to the cove of Ai-Giorgis (https://goo.gl/maps/NdtdgX2cCX97uNyq9).

Through a groove/channel which is clearly visible even today and taking advantage of the difference in altitude between the cave and the water mill, the groove filled the reservoir (chabousa) with water where it was stored.

When the operation of the watermill was required, the water was channelled into the watermill through the mill and through the altitude pressure created by the mill, the impeller/water mill was moved. The impeller transmitted the movement, via a shaft, to a millstone. Between the moving millstone and another stationary one, wheat or barley was placed, which was crushed to make flour.