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Article 1o


An association is founded in the Municipality of South Kynouria in the village of Pouliithron with the name "CULTURAL AND EXTRACTIVE ASSOCIATION OF APANTACHOS PULITHRIOTON" with its headquarters in the Local Community of the same name.

Article 2

The aims of the Association are:

  1. The contribution to the educational and civilizing elevation and rise of the educational level of the members of the Association.
  2. The development of a spirit of social solidarity, cooperation, unanimity and strengthening of relations between members and residents of Poulithra and the wider region in general, free of any kind of partisanship, fanaticism, discord, racism, chauvinism, self-interest and other actions and attitudes capable of disrupting the Association and lead it to shrinkage, obscurity and dissolution.
  3. The promotion of the general interests of the village of Poulithra in Arcadia and the care for its development.
  4. The study, execution and promotion of all public benefit projects, landscaping, development, cultural, educational, sports and in general any project aimed at upgrading and promoting the local community of Poulithra.
  5. The preservation of the natural environment from any activities or operations that may either alter or destroy it.
  6. The promotion of local cultural specificity and uniqueness.
  7. Participation in all kinds of legal, local and non-local events.
  8. The constant pursuit of improving the quality of life, the wider aesthetic culture and the development of ecological awareness among the residents of Poulithra.

Article 3

The promotion of the objectives of the Association is done by all legal means which are:

  1. Appropriate actions and representations to all competent authorities and to legal or natural persons.
  2. Announcements and press releases.
  3. The cooperation with other Associations, Unions or organizations that either exist or are about to be founded and that have the same or similar or related purposes.
  4. The realization of lectures, excursions, festivals, dances, sports, fundraisers, studies, theatrical and cinematographic performances.
  5. The establishment of a library, a reading room, a meeting room, a club, as well as the publication of a newspaper, magazines and scrapbooks.

Article 4

The members of the Association are full and honorary members:
Regular members
α) Regular members are accepted and registered by the Board of Directors, after a written application, all those who are residents of the Municipality of Poulithra, all those who were born in Poulithra, all those who own a residence in Poulithra or are active professionally and the headquarters of their business exists and operates in Poulithra.
b) The spouses and adult children of the aforementioned full members shall also become full members regardless of their place of birth. The aforementioned members must be 18 years of age or older.
c) In case of rejection of the application for registration, an appeal may be made to the General Assembly of Members.

Honorary members
α) Honorary members are those who offer valuable services to the Association or contribute greatly to the achievement of its objectives. The same applies to non-members.
b) Honorary members shall be elected by a majority of the members present at the General Assembly, after having been proposed by at least ten (10) full members and their proposal shall be in writing.
c) Honorary members, having the honorary title, are not entitled to participate in the General Assemblies, the Administration of the Association and the management of its property, nor are they obliged to pay contributions.

Article 5

  1. All members are equal to each other and participate in all the rights and obligations of the Association. Every full member shall have the right to elect and be elected. Members who are not in good standing shall neither elect nor be elected.
  2. Every full member acquires the right to vote immediately after registration and after fulfilling his/her financial obligations, and the right to vote one (1) month after registration and after fulfilling his/her financial obligations. Except for the first elections of the Association, the above rights shall be enjoyed by all regular members in good standing regardless of the time of their registration.
  3. The registration fee of the member to the Association is fifty (50,00€), which accompanies the written application for registration to the Board of Directors. This amount as well as the amount of the registration fee may be changed by decision of the General Assembly.
  4. Regular members have the right to propose anything that serves the purposes of the Association by submitting a written proposal to the Board of Directors, which decides on it.
  5. Members of the Association are entitled to withdraw freely from the Association when they request it in writing. Such withdrawal must be notified at least three (3) months before the end of the accounting year and shall be valid until the end of that year and shall be announced at the General Assembly. In the event of failure to comply with the above, the Secretary General must announce the withdrawal at the first General Meeting.
  6. The Board of Directors supervises the behaviour of the members of the Association in order to maintain the spirit of cooperation and solidarity of the members and therefore has the duty to advise the members and to remind them of order and decent behaviour during the Assemblies. For any improper conduct or omission and violation of the Laws on Associations and any damage caused to the Association's purposes, the General Assembly shall, on the recommendation of the Board, impose the penalties of reprimand and expulsion from the Association if these are voted for by three-quarters of the members present. The decisions of the General Assembly shall be communicated in writing by the Board of Directors and "upon proof" to the person concerned.
  7. Any member of the Association who is two (2) years in arrears with his/her regular dues shall be removed from the Board.
  8. Those who have settled their accounts and those who have voluntarily resigned at their written request shall be re-registered. Those who have already been expelled shall also be re-registered by decision of the General Assembly if the reason for their expulsion no longer exists and if they request this in writing.
  9. Members deleted in any way shall be deprived of the right to withdraw the amounts paid by them for registration fees, subscriptions or other contributions.

Article 6

The Association's resources are:

  1. The right of registration and the regular annual contributions of its members
  2. Extraordinary contributions from members or other legal or natural persons, organisations, etc.
  3. Donations, bequests, legacies, inheritances and all goods that become the property of the Association, provided that the donor does not set goals that are contrary to the goals of the Association and donations are accepted following a decision of the Board of Directors.
  4. The net proceeds from fund-raising, festivals, lectures, performances, excursions, balls, banquets, publications and albums, raffles and lotteries of the Association.

Article 7

Those who offer in any way to the Association the sum of 100€-2000€ or any other movable or immovable thing of similar value, are considered and called Donors of the Association. Also those who offer the amount of 2001 € and more are considered and called Benefactors of the Association.

The above contributions are recorded by category in a special book of DONORS and Beneficiaries of the Association and the names of the above are written on a special plaque posted in the offices of the Association.

Article 8

  1. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association and is composed of its members.
  2. The General Assembly meets regularly once a year in the month of March and extraordinary meetings at any time if the Board of Directors deems it necessary or if 1/5 of the members in good standing request it with a written request stating the issues to be discussed. The General Meeting shall be convened by the Board of Directors with a written notice ten (10) days in advance which shall clearly specify: a) The place, day and time of the meeting; b) The matters to be discussed; and c) Whether the meeting is the first or second in terms of the number of members required for a quorum. The above notice shall also be posted at the Association's Office at least ten (10) full days prior to the date of the General Meeting.
  3. The General Assembly shall elect a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary who shall take minutes before it begins its work. The above shall be elected by show of hands
    and by a majority of at least 1/3 of the members present, decisions shall be taken by secret ballot
  4. The General Assembly reforms or amends the Statutes, decides on appeals for registration, deletion or expulsion of members and decides in general on any matter that does not fall within the competence of any other body of the Association.
  5. At the regular General Assembly, a review of the past year is made with the reading of the Supervisory Board's report, the next year's plan is discussed and approved or modified.
  6. The General Assembly is quorate if 1/3 of the members of the Association plus one are present. When a quorum is not present at the first meeting, the General Assembly is obliged to meet again a second time in ten (10) days at the most, with absolutely the same issues, in which case a quorum is present regardless of the number of members present.

Article 9

  1. Every three (3) years the ordinary General Assembly, after having exhausted the items on the agenda, elects an Election Committee which conducts the elections for the nomination of the new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board.
  2. Nominations of full members shall be submitted at least 48 hours before the convening of the General Assembly and their names shall be entered by the Secretary General of the Association in a list of candidates posted in the hall. Any objections to the candidates shall be decided immediately by the General Assembly.
  3. A secret ballot is then held for the election of seven (7) members of the Board of Directors (BoD) and three (3) members of the Supervisory Board (SC) as well as the
  4. Each voter is given an envelope and a uniform white paper (ballot paper) on which he/she writes the names of the preferred candidates, up to three (3) for the Board of Directors and up to two (2) for the Board of Directors.
  5. After the end of the voting, the ballot box is opened in front of the candidates and members of the Association, the envelopes are opened, the votes are sorted and counted and the elected candidates are declared by the Election Committee, which draws up and signs the Record of Voting which is delivered to the President of the Board of Directors together with all other documents of the elections. The candidates receiving the highest number of preferences in order of preference shall be deemed elected. In the event of a tie, a drawing of lots shall be carried out immediately.

Article 10


  1. The Association is governed by a seven (7) member Board of Directors elected every three years in accordance with Article 9 of the present Statutes and consists of the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer and three (3) Councillors.
  2. Within eight (8) days of the elections, the Board of Directors shall meet for the first time in a meeting, with the majority of its members present, and shall be constituted in a body, electing from among its members the President, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer. On the same day, a Handover and Acceptance Record shall be drawn up between the old and the new Council.
  3. The first three (3) runners-up are considered alternate members of the Board and replace any Board member who wishes to resign for any reason.
  4. Exceptionally, the term of office of the interim Board of Directors elected by the founders shall expire when the present Statutes are approved, in which case it shall be deemed to have resigned automatically and shall be obliged to convene the first ordinary General Assembly for the election of a definitive Board of Directors within six (6) months from the aforementioned approval of the Statutes.
  5. The members of the Board of Directors are personally and jointly liable for the fulfilment of their obligations arising from the Law, the present Statutes and the decisions of the General Assembly. However, they shall not be liable for a decision taken at a meeting and not attended or present, if the absence or disagreement is evident from the minutes.
  6. Those members who already hold or occupy during their term of office a position of elected member of the Municipality of South Kynouria, i.e. those who hold the position of Mayor, Deputy Mayor or Municipal Councillor, may not be elected as members of the Board or remain in this position.

Article 11

  1. The Board of Directors administers, coordinates and manages the interests, affairs and property of the Association and takes all appropriate measures to address and solve its problems in accordance with the Statutes.
  2. The Board of Directors prepares the work of the General Assemblies, convenes them and implements their decisions.
  3. It sets up committees to share and assist its work, controls and directs them and is fully responsible for their activities.

Article 12

  1. The Board of Directors shall meet at the written invitation of the President of the Board of Directors once every three (3) months, and once every three (3) months in extraordinary meetings when deemed appropriate by the President or by at least four (4) members who submit a written request. In the latter case, the Chairman shall convene the Board within fifteen (15) days of the request, and if he refuses or neglects to do so, the Vice-Chairman and the applicants shall have the right to convene the Board.The invitation of the members of the Board to a meeting shall be given to all members of the Board by the Secretary General no later than two (2) days before the meeting, by registered or certified mail or by e-mail.
  2. When a member of the Board is absent without justification for three (3) consecutive regular meetings, he/she shall forfeit his/her office and shall be replaced by the alternates. If there are no
    alternates, the General Assembly is called to elect a replacement.
  3. In the event of the death, resignation or for any reason the President's resignation, the Board shall meet specifically for this purpose within a maximum of fifteen (15) days and shall elect
    among the other members the new President. The same is done for the Vice President, the General Secretary and the President of the Board of Directors. The same shall apply to the President, General Secretary, General Secretary and Treasurer.
  4. The minutes of the meetings are kept by the Secretary General of the Association.
  5. At the beginning of each meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting shall be read out and signed if they have not been signed.

Article 13

  1. The President represents the Association in all its relations before all administrative and judicial authorities, both in and out of court, unless the General Assembly or the Board of Directors decides otherwise.He represents the Association in all property relations with third parties, he signs with the Secretary the payment orders and with the Treasurer the duplicate receipts. Convene General Assemblies in accordance with the Statutes.
  2. When the President is absent or prevented from attending, the Vice-President shall replace him.

Article 14

  1. The General Secretary of the Association shall keep the books of the Association, its seal and correspondence. He/she shall sign with the President all money orders, correspondence and all official documents. He/she shall accurately record the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, which he/she shall co-sign with the President and other members present at the respective meeting. He/she shall prepare with the Treasurer the Balance Sheet and Budget for each financial period.
  2. When the Secretary-General is absent or indisposed, he shall be replaced by a member of the Board appointed by the President.

Article 15

  1. The Treasurer shall keep the books of the Association's Income and Expenditure, shall be accountable and shall be criminally and civilly liable for any payment of money without a warrant.
  2. The Treasurer shall ensure the collection of the registration rights of the subscriptions, the extraordinary contributions and all general debts to the Association, on the basis of relevant duplicate receipts signed by the President and the Treasurer.
  3. Make any payment decided by the Board on the written authority of the President and the Secretary General.
  4. Deposit in a Greek Banking Institution, together with the President, all funds of the Association on behalf of the Association. The deposited funds are taken over by the Bank with the signature of the President and the Treasurer or others that the Board of Directors may appoint by decision.Whenever requested (the Treasurer) informs the Board of Directors, the General Assembly and the General Assembly about the cash situation of the Association.
  5. When the Treasurer is absent or indisposed, he/she is replaced by another member of the Board of Directors except the President and the Secretary General.

Article 16

  1. The Supervisory Board of the Association consists of three members with two (2) alternate members and its term of office is two years. It shall be elected when the members of the Board of Directors are elected by a relative majority and shall present its findings to the Ordinary General Assembly at the Annual Report.
  2. The P.C. shall keep a separate book of minutes and shall be called by the Board of Directors at least one (1) month before the convening of the General Assembly to give its findings in writing and shall have at its disposal the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, the management books, the correspondence and the Association's archives in general.

Article 17

The Association has its own seal that bears the words "Cultural and Recreational Association of Poulithriotes "The Polichni"" in capital letters and at the bottom will be written the year of the Association's opening i.e. 2018. In the middle of it will bear an abstract logo that will represent the T.K.Poulithron.

Article 18

The feast day of the Association is the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th.

Article 19

  1. The Association shall be dissolved in the cases provided for by the Law and after a decision of the General Assembly, for which a quorum is required the presence of 3/4 of the members in good standing with a majority of 3/4 of those present.
  2. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, its property is made available to the Association "CHAMOGELO TO CHILD".

Article 20

Any ambiguity in these Articles of Association shall be resolved by the General Assembly and in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Associations.

Article 21

The present Statutes consisting of 21 articles were discussed and voted on article by article and in its entirety, and were finally approved as such by the following founding members and will come into force after its legal approval and publication.